Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Jasmines from Egypt Branches Forever 
By Rafik Baladi

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Rafik Baladi, July 11, 2012, after four and half years of rapping-up some of my fifty-year old notes into this lovely novel, recounting passions and roots of a homeland I cannot see drifting to the unknown, without sensing insecure, I am proud to present to you my testimony.

Qurba District (Althawra Street, formerly Le Baron Street) 
While standing between Cleopatra and Osiris Streets

Join me in anchoring what I witnessed, across these fifty years some of which you probably know and most of which is just a dimension beyond the ordinary. This testimony is based on true events; it covers the sum of passions and roots of many, funnelled into one river… a river of love and a series of characters with fictitious aliases!

Dear all, I am proud to present my book to you and let the publisher write its own review of both my book and my thoughts; see for yourself. Click here first and then, remember to click on the book’s Front-Cover, when you see it, so that you may have a preview of several of its passages. After that, you may order it from your book store or from the link provided, just above or here: Jasmines from Egypt Branches Forever

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Let me count on your readership because it is a passionate and loving book... Remember to spread the word.

Thank you

Rafik Baladi

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